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"..and I was like 'it runs on MAC' and he was like 'no way' and I was like 'duh'.." - Ellen Feiss
"..the proof that we still, somehow, support console based software." - Bill Gates

About ysmICQ

What is ysm ICQ?

A Free, open source (GPL license) console based ICQ client written in the C language. The project was born in the year 2001 when Mirabilis (now AOL) introduced a new version of the ICQ protocol. Full of humor and interesting features, ysm provides an easy to use command line interface which allows faster communication with your contacts and provides many OS dependent comfortable options.

Where does it run?

ysmICQ was tested to run on Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, BeOS, QNX, Irix, Solaris, SunOS and OS/2. Probably a few more environments and systems since this paragraph was written! Isn't it cool?

What features do I get? (note: outdated, but includes these!)

  1. consoled based client
  2. ICQ protocol version 7 and 8.
  3. plaintext and encrypted (AES algorithm) message sending.
  4. plaintext and encrypted (AES algorithm) file transfers.
  5. contacts download and upload from/to ICQ servers.
  6. search features.
  7. invisible, visible and ignore lists management.
  8. fingerprinting of remote clients.
  9. sending/receiving of URLs.
  10. sending/receiving of contacts.
  11. OS dependent comfortable options.
  12. and lots of more features!


OS/2 - Alex Samorukov
.deb x86 package - Antony
.deb x86 package - Ilya Slepnev
.rpm x86 package - Antony


New style of site is up. Tired of frames, windows, I tend to understand why project pages are simple and single-paged. It is wise to know what style fits a kind of website. It is worth mentioning that ysmICQ is getting around 40 downloads A DAY and thousands of project web hits, congratulations to every single ysm user out there! you are the reason why!

Another urgent release. It appears that yesterday a change in the ICQ protocol disabled ysmICQ entirely. This release called ysmICQ 2.9.9 - Reviving ICQ fixes this. Try it out!

Fast release. AOL recently made a few changes to the ICQ protocol and disabled a big amount (if not all) of ICQ clones out there. Some of them are back online and we couldn't be left behind. This release fixes ysmICQ so that it works again. I've also corrected a mistake previously made for 2.9.6 related to autoconf, ./configure should work now. Release name is: ysmICQ - Giving life to ICQ. Have fun with it!

Finally, the time has come. I present to you.. ysmICQ 2.9.7. Huge amount of bug fixes and, thanks to some remarkable users who sent patches, we also bring some improvements to the table. Feel free to give it a try and send me any feedback. Have a great 2006 - May all your projects be a great success!

It's been over a year now and 2.9.7 isn't completely ready! It's taking longer than expected given the small amount of free time I have, but we'll make it soon.

ysmICQ's Debian package was finally accepted to be included in the official Debian distribution! Thanks to Ilya M. Slepnev for taking all the hard work of finding a debian sponsor and creating the corresponding packages. It was tough work! You may find the package homepage <here>.

I've been extremely busy and haven't had a chance to work on ysm these past few months as much as I wanted. However, I bought an apple iBook laptop (which I'm now switching for a PC, didn't like it that much) and I fixed a few small issues with MacOSX & ysm. Find MacOSX screenshots in the corresponding section of the website! I'll be working on an upcoming release, 2.9.7, my biggest concern at the moment is to fix compatibility issues between KOI8-R and Microsoft Windows. So be ready!

Outstanding news! ysmICQ wins a mini-ipod through Sourceforge & IBM's projects contest! green colored 4gb ipod. Thank you all for your feedback and help in improving the application.

Releasing ysm 2.9.6. Many patches sent by ysm users and a few more changes you will find in the ChangeLog. I'm confirming a hypothesis from a few lines below, sounds like we have a new release every month (+- 10 days).

My e-mail is now raddy at gmx dot net, and so is my MSN address.
If you sent me e-mail and I didn't respond, its probably because mail.ru lost it.

Releasing ysm 2.9.5. Lots of new things and fixes. By looking at the dates below it seems like there is a new release each month!

Releasing ysm 2.9.4. Mostly fixes from 2.9.3, trying to make it stable :)

Releasing ysm 2.9.3, successfully tested it to run on slackware linux, windows XP, solaris and NetBSD. Lets hope the best!. Also putting online the new design of the website, its a night full of surprises!.

Added OS/2 support (maintained by samm at os2 dot ru).


  • Getting started - tips and tricks.

    A -must read- for new and existing users.

  • Users' guide

    Written for ysm version 2.9.0.
    An introduction to ysm, installation instructions and configuration details.

  • ysm 2.8.1 manual

    Written for ysm version 2.8.1
    An introduction to ysm, installation and configuration steps as well as a description of available commands.

    English Version
    Danish Version [Translation by Lars Kjær Johansen and Thomas Moberg Sørensen]



I'm no longer accepting donations. Not because I don't want to get stuff, but simply because I never got anything other than an iPod from IBM :) - so feel free to e-mail me if you _DO_ want to donate stuff to the project & myself. Thanks lots for being here and for caring about ysm!


Choose a platform/configuration to access existing screenshots. If you want your screenshot here, just send it to me through e-mail (raddy at gmx d0t net).


Looking for technical support? Are you having problems with ysm?

  • For installation and configuration issues, please be sure to read the documents inside the 'documentation' section before taking any further steps.It is usually just a matter of reading the boring manual before most issues get automagically solved.
  • If you want to report a bug, you may use either the 'bug tracking system', report it in the 'forums' or reach me by mail.
  • If you have a patch, then contact me (info is below.)
  • If you have a security vulnerability and feel like contacting me before disclosing it (oh yeah, feel free to disclose it, disclosing is GOOD - plus it will increase the project's popularity..but no need to create false ones huh), then contact me (info is below.)
  • If you feel like contacting me, then my e-mail address is [raddy at gmx d0t net], excuse my delay in responding.


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